Spring term 2021 has been rather different from the one we would have anticipated, but in true WCPS style the Reception boys and their families have “stayed calm and carried on” as the saying goes. The staff were very impressed by how well the boys adapted to the change to remote learning. They all seemed very engaged and although the Seesaw platform could in no way replace the classroom experience, the progress that the boys have made at home has been noticeable.

We tried to make the boys’ learning experiences as practical and enjoyable as possible. In maths we decided to focus for the majority of the time on aspects of measure – weight, length, time etc. There were some wonderful examples of testing how far cars and paper aeroplane flew linked to our topic of transport and exciting challenges including “who sank the boat ?” where the boys tested how much weight was needed to make their homemade boat sink. Lots of fun and super practical learning.

Book week was a perfect opportunity to explore some favourite texts such as the Gruffalo where the boys wrote their own character descriptions. We also explored writing questions, lists and retellings alongside our phonics work.

The boys produced marvellous representations of Kandinsky’s circles, aspects of Chinese New Year and learnt an aeroplane poem and also a range of lovely songs with Miss Fourie. They also continued learning French with Madame Wilson with lots of fun songs and games. Inevitably a highlight of the timetable was Mr Morrison’s sport lessons which provided a great release for all that healthy energy the boys have.

Children’s Mental Health week could not have been timed more effectively. This gave us the opportunity to plan specifically for activities to support mental well being through the theme of “express yourself”. There was no shortage of fantastic examples of the boys doing things which made them feel happy, whether that was singing a song, playing sport or dressing up on our “dress to impress day.” Thinking about staying safe online during safer internet day was also a pertinent and valuable learning experience.

Despite all the opportunities for learning that seesaw provided, we could not have been more delighted to return to school on March 8th. The reception boys have come back to school with great enthusiasm, have remembered our routines and have been keen to show us all that they have learnt during their time at home. Our activities in science week provided an exciting finale to our first week back.

We look forward to a wonderful summer term learning about mini beasts and hopefully venturing a few more steps closer to a return to normality.

Mrs Gannon