It has been a different kind of spring, but whether in person or remotely, we have worked hard to bring the boys valuable class content as we have begun this new year. This newsletter will give you as always, a general idea of what the boys have learned during this time. Some parents have been involved more than may even have polished your French skills too?

In Reception, various festivals and traditions were shared with the boys, such as the Galette des Rois, the crepes and the Carnival de Nice. As a school, we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. This is reflected in our French lessons which embrace not only the language being taught but also the culture of the countries which speak this language. We always use knowledge of our boys' various backgrounds to build opportunities to understand other cultures and compare both language and traditions.

In Year 1, the boys have learnt to express the days of the week as well as to say their birthday in French. They also learnt to give their opinions about things they like and dislike, in a variety of engaging topics, building simple sentence structures. The boys began to put together simple sentences using both new vocabulary and words previously learnt in Reception and the Autumn term.

In Year 2, the boys practiced their reading and understanding of French when they looked at the “Berthe” books collection and worked in pairs to understand the story. Furthermore, the boys were delighted to hear back from their pen pals at the International School of Monaco and discover their beautiful handwritten letters. With a bit of help from our most fluent speakers, they all managed to understand and find out about these new friends.

Joyeuses Paques!


Madame Wilson.