In their sixth week of remote learning on Seesaw, Year One were as enthusiastic as ever to read ‘Zoo’ by Anthony BrowneFor their first activity, they had to think of questions they would like to ask a zookeeper using different question openersHere are some of their examples: 

‘How do you know if an animal is sick?’  

‘What do you do if an animal escapes?’ by David P 

‘When do you feed the tigers?’ 

‘Do you ever cuddle the animals?’ by Erik  

‘How many types of birds do you have in the zoo?’  

‘What happens if you get sick?’ by Khizer 

They then had to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of zoos and have a debate with their grown-ups at home. After their debates, Year One had to make posters to persuade the public to either go to the zoo or to avoid them.  

During their second week of learning, Year One had to take on a role of one zoo animal in the story choosing from an: elephant, orangutan, giraffe, baboon, tiger, penguin, gorilla or rhino. The boys used their five senses and the personal pronoun I, to write a descriptive piece of writing, describing their experience of a zoo. Their final task was to ‘Hot Seat’ as their chosen animal and answer pressing questions using expression. Some children even made costumes and used props at home! 

Year One should be very proud of their work achievements for ‘Zoo’-their teachers certainly are!