Year 2- Spring Term

Our Year 2 Spring term 2021 has been very different from the one we imagined, but the change to remote learning did not faze our Year 2 boys and their families, who worked tirelessly. The Year 2 staff were continuously blown away by the quality and quantity of work we received on Seesaw.

The boys showed true WCPS spirit and made sure that their work reflected their best efforts. Some particular highlights of remote learning were, seeing the boys outstanding non-fiction dinosaur posters. The boys individually researched and presented them, making sure they included all the key features. They were bursting with facts and beautiful illustrations. The boys also wrote new clever tricks for the enormous crocodile to do, to try and help him finally catch a juicy child. They got creative during their time to home and completed a perfect pizza project for DT. We are so grateful to all our Year 2 parents who helped make this possible. The boys deigned, tested, made, ate and evaluated their own pizzas. Some even produced wonderful pizza adverts to help ‘sell’ their product.

Even though there were wonderful opportunities for learning on Seesaw, we could not have been more thrilled to return to school on Monday 8th March. All the Year 2 boys had huge smiles on their faces as they arrived at school. There was much excitement as the boys were able to see their friends again and they soon eagerly got stuck into their classroom activities. I think being able to enjoy playtimes and paired or group work again with their friends was top of the list of things the boys have enjoyed this term.

We may have only been back in school for two and a half weeks, but they have been jampacked with fun activities, so the time has flown by! We initially focused on getting back into routine and making sure the boys are able to experience as much social interaction as they could. The boys had a wonderful day celebrating ‘Science Day’. The Year 2 theme for the day was ‘Energy.’ The boys enjoyed a virtual Assembly with The Genie Lab where they watched many experiments and, in the afternoon, they made their own catapults using a peg. The boys also enjoyed a wonderful Great Fire of London workshop day where they were transported back in time to 1666 and took part in a range of interactive activities. The boys wore costumes and really looked the part. The boys also attended a virtual Assembly with a member of the NASA team driving the Mars Perseverance rover, our guest was very impressed with the boy’s curiosity and questions about the mission.

Next term will be our Year 2’s final Term at WCPS but we plan for it to be a wonderful one! We will be learning about Great Explorers, Safari, puppet making, mosaic making and a lot more. We hope that as the term goes on, we will also be getting a few more steps closer to a return to normality.

Mrs Cadle