Kingston Synagogue visit as reported by the boys.

On Wednesday 9th May, Year Two Squirrels boys went by coach to Kingston Synagogue. We went because our RE topic is Judaism.

First, three people who work there introduced themselves. The Rabbi had a beard, a black hat and a sort of blue and white checked scarf.

2L started by finding out about Passover. Passover is a Jewish festival. We heard a story about Moses as a baby and about the Nile turning red because of all the dead fish. It was a miracle that the Jewish people went through the river but not the guards.

After that we saw the Torah. The Torah is the Jewish Bible. You can’t touch the Torah Scroll. The pointer is called a Yad. The one we saw was made of silver. The synagogue had stained glass windows and some candles inside. We also got to wear different coloured hats. Outside was the Star of David.

At the end we looked at some Challah bread and tasted Matzah bread. It was like a cracker.

I liked learning about Passover the best because I like tasting the Matzah bread. My favourite activity was hearing the ram’s horn being blown by the Rabbi because I enjoyed hearing the three tunes.
Thomas Cox 2L

I had a great time at Kingston Synagogue! We travelled there by coach and we were really excited to go on a school trip. We have been learning about Judaism in RE so it was interesting to visit the synagogue.

The colourful glass windows in the synagogue were pretty and we were met by a lady called Monica.

We learnt about the Torah scrolls in the Ark and that you read the words from right to left. We also saw a ‘yad’. It is a special pointer to help people follow the words when they read from the Torah. We got to wear special hats and we tried some of the crunchy matzah bread too. It was yummy!

The Rabbi blew a special ram’s horn and we all listened carefully. It was really loud! We learnt that the Sabbath is a time of rest for Jewish people. I really enjoyed visiting the synagogue and I hope I can go there again.
Cedric Demarcus 2J