On Monday 18th June, WCPS hosted their first ever ‘International Week’. It was set to be an exciting week full of activities and workshops.

The premise behind the week was to introduce the boys to a variety of countries looking at their history, art, culture and food. We kicked off Monday and Tuesday with two fantastic assemblies where a few parents came into school to discuss a country close to their heart. The parents presented on India, Italy, The Philippines and Germany. Thank you very much to all who came to talk to the boys.

After the assembly, the boys went back to their classes to begin the carousel of activities. Throughout Monday and Tuesday, the boys had the opportunity to visit a variety of different classrooms where they were able to take part in an activity based around that country. For example, in Egypt, they could make a Cartouche on papyrus paper. In Italy, they made some real gelato. In South Africa, they had the opportunity to make bead bracelets and in India, they could make a peacock and a Mehndi hand design. All the teachers had put a lot of thought and preparation into their activity and the boys enjoyed all the activities tremendously.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we hosted a puppet workshop. The theme was based around a traditional Indian folktale called ‘The Tiger Child’. The puppeteer, Su, showed us how shadow puppetry worked before we all went off to create our own puppets. It was amazing to see how a little baby oil changed the card from a solid colour to translucent. The boys then had the opportunity to perform a shadow puppet version of the story in front of an audience.

Last but certainly not least on Friday, a former ‘Stomp’ performer came to baffle us with his amazing variety of musical instruments. Alua, who was originally from Brazil, was able to show us a Berimbau, Agogo bells and a Kalimba. He was full of energy and really enjoyed creating music and rhythm with his body. The boys thoroughly enjoyed using their own bodies to create percussion sounds and had lots of fun trying to copy him.

It was a delight to hear so many boys talking about the different activities they had taken part in and to hear them discussing what their favourite part of the week had been. I would like to thank the Friends of Squirrels committee for funding the whole week and for continuing the International theme at the School Fair the following day.

Mrs Dodd