This Summer Term, we have celebrated the Football World Cup and introduced various topics around this event.

Our Reception boys were proud to remember at least 12 new words. They had to admit that most resembled English such as Le Tennis, Le Rugby and that French is – I quote - “sometimes easy even if it sometimes sounds funny”!

In addition to this, Year 1 have been looking at adjectives to describe the players. We have worked in pairs and in groups to develop our role-play and oral skills. International Week gave us the opportunity to learn how to say various countries and nationalities in French. For example, they enjoyed learning that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for “Le Portugal” and is consequently “portugais”.

The Year 2 boys also engaged in conversation through expressing an opinion about which sport they like. They have also broadened their vocabulary and developed their ability to use basic grammar concepts. Not only can they form a sentence, but I am proud to hear them extend it and create a more complicated and interesting statement such as : J’aime le foot et le rugby mais je n’aime pas le cricket.”

I wish our Year 2 leavers “Bonne chance” in their new adventures! Look after your languages. There always comes a time in life when they prove useful!

“Bonnes Vacances a tous!”

Madame Wilson