On the 7th June, Year 1 had a wonderful day experiencing a day at the Victorian seaside.

The boys arrived at school looking positively summery in their beachwear, which was fortunate because the weather outside was glorious. They walked into Orchard Hall to the sound of waves lapping on the beach, seagulls screeching in the sky and a variety of activities awaiting them.

The boys had a great time making souvenirs like shell boxes, cork boats and painted mugs. All the boys had to make a train ticket, which they used in the afternoon, to take the WCPS train to a seaside destination of their choice. Orchard hall was transformed into a private beach where they could pay a penny to play in the sand. There was a photo booth where you had to stand very still for 3 minutes, so that the photograph would not be ruined.

The most successful stall of the afternoon was the ‘Roll-a-penny’ stand; many boys enjoyed spending their pennies trying to win back some more money. There was a wonderful café, where you could rest for a spot of tea, delightful cakes and delicious sandwiches. The staff at the café were very well trained, even picking up the cakes and sandwiches with ‘tongs’ and not their fingers! The highlight of the day was the incredibly funny Punch and Judy show. All in all the day was a huge success.

Thank you very much to our wonderful parents and grandparent volunteer who helped to make the day run so smoothly.

Mrs Dodd