On Wednesday the 6th of June 53 very excited boys, turned up to school ready and raring for our trip to Thames Young Mariners.

After getting off the coaches, the boys met the instructors from TYM and got ready for a very busy day. The boys were put into smaller groups and had a chance to explore a range of different activities. The boys took part in team task where they had to use their brains and think outside of the box. In order for them to find the solutions, they needed to use brainpower and physical skills, but most of all teamwork. This problem solving captured the imagination of the boys, as the puzzles were themed in exciting ways.

The second half of the day involved testing the boys Woodland skills. The boys were able to look at the environment and think about how they could best adapt it to build a shelter big enough to fit their whole team in. They boys also had the opportunity to take part in some, well supervised, fire-lighting! They listened well to the instructors and all had a go. Once they had put in the hard work, they boiled water over a campfire and enjoyed a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate.

Thank you to Friends of Squirrels who very kindly contributed half of the payment for our trip. It was a very successful and enjoyable visit.

Miss Hickman