The boys describe their PGL trip in their own words.

Monday 11th June was a smoking hot day. This was lucky for Year 2 as we were travelling by coach to spend the day at PGL for a day of team-building activities in Hindhead. I felt quite nervous but also excited to go on the Giant Swing! The coach trip took an hour because it was so far away and because of the traffic.
Toby Rees - 2J

When we got to PGL, our guide took us to Low Ropes. We started off by doing ninja poses. I was really good at it. Next, we tried balancing on the low ropes. It was super hard and we had to guide others across them. Next, we used water to see who was the best ninja squirrel.
Brian Tang – 2S

After we made buggies with our team. Our instructor was called James. We were making it with a few logs, around 9 pieces of rope and 2 barrels. We were learning to tie it using a clove hitch knot and a square knot. After lots of teamwork, we had finished! We did a race against the other team and we won! Unfortunately, they challenged us to see who could take their buggy apart first. They won, but they had a head start!
Vihaan Pathak – 2J

After we had done the Low Ropes activity we had lunch. I had pasta with chicken pieces in it and then I had some strawberries. During lunch, I sat with my friend Kartik and we talked about the Giant Swing activity we were going to do after lunch. We discussed about how high we were going to go on the swing. Kartik wanted to go as high as the middle of the swing and I bravely said I wanted to go all the way to the top. Next I talked about how I turned upside down on the low ropes in the morning and Kartik laughed for whole of lunch because he found it so funny. Once lunch was finished, I was very excited but also scared about going on the Giant Swing.
Yash Kurella – 2L

Then we went through the woods to go on the Giant Swing. Me and James K went to the top. I pulled the string. It went really fast. My tummy felt really funny. I pulled the string again and we went really fast again. The we came off. We had to pull a rope like tug of war.
Daniel Haywood – 2S

Finally Mr Morrison gave us ice pops. I had a strawberry ice pop which was very cold to hold and eat but it was so refreshing because it was really hot outside. Then we played capture the flag. This is a fun game of stuck in the mud with flags and the aim is to sprint into the opponents base and capture their flags and sprint with them back to your base. I was on the non-bib team and we won the game! After we finished the game we went back to school on the coach. I thought about my day and decided my favourite activity was low ropes because I like balancing. It was also funny when I went upside down on the low ropes like a sloth. I learnt on PGL that things are not always as easy as they look but it is always worth having a go especially if you have your buddies to help you.
Max Snead – 2L