All the boys in Year 2 dazzled their parents and teachers with their show-stopping performance of ‘Porridge.’

Recently, Happy Valley had seen unexplained rising crime rates and it was the responsibility of detective Jack Spratt and his boys in blue to solve the mysteries. Mother Hubbard’s beloved cow had been stolen, Little Bo Beep’s flock of sheep had gone missing and Humpty Dumpty had been pushed off a wall. Who from Happy Valley could be behind these awful crimes? Meet Papa Bear; the evil mastermind behind the vision of a global porridge empire. This cunning bear assisted by his accomplices, The Billy Goat Brothers and a team of lumberjacks, try to bring mayhem and misery to the folk of Happy Valley. Can Jack Spratt stop them in time?

The boys rose to the task in hand brilliantly at both performances. They delivered their lines with clarity, enthusiasm and conviction and they sang the songs beautifully. Thank you to all the Year 2 teachers, TAs and Mrs Pincott for co-ordinating such a wonderful dramatic spectacle. Thank you also to the parents for all their support with costumes and line learning.