Lessons have been happy and busy this term!

Reception boys were introduced to French phonics. After learning a rap song with the alphabet letter, they were able to spell their own name using the correct letter sound. Clever boys!

Year 1 boys learnt about the different accents and were able to copy French words and position the appropriate accent to the right letter. The boys were able to learn effortlessly and communicate naturally in French!

Year 2 boys learnt to use a French-English dictionary and practiced translating words from one  language to the other. They understand that they need to use one part of the dictionary when they want to know the meaning of a word in English and the other part to translate back in their language. They were even able to organise a serie of words in alphabetical order.

We learnt about Paris and spoke about how the Notre Dame de Paris Church will be reconstructed.

Lastly, the sports events in France kept us busy – the boys were able to immerse themselves in the tennis event at Roland-Garros and the famous Tour de France, which is a good opportunity for us to realise that France treasures go far beyond the capital city of Paris. We looked at a map of France and learnt to place the biggest cities such as Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Marseille.

The boys have demonstrated a positive attitude towards learning French all year. I hope this enthusiasm will remain and equip the year 2 boys in their future school.

I remain to wish you an enjoyable summer.

Bonnes vacances!