Dear Parents and Carers

This is a great opportunity to reflect on the academic achievements of all our boys as well as our successful school community in our very important Centenary year. We have had a marvellous, challenging and exciting school year. High educational standards have been achieved through our outstanding curriculum, sporting, artistic and social events, all of which you are about to enjoy through this final newsletter.

We would like to say goodbye to our Year 2 boys. We will miss them enormously and thank them for contributing and being part of our school family. I wish them a happy transition to their new schools where I know they will be equally successful. I look forward as they return as ex-squirrels to let us know how they settle.

Thank you also to our staff leavers for this term. Miss Warner leaves us to take up teacher training in September and Miss Cave to relocate to her home town and have her baby. Miss Jenkins will leave on Maternity to have her baby but will return in the next academic year. Mrs Pincott is finally retiring for a much earned rest. I wish them all best wishes for the future.

I am delighted that Mrs Logan returns after her Maternity leave to teach Year 2 in September. Miss Hickman returns as Mrs Cadle and has been promoted to the Senior Management Team as Head of Year 2 for the next academic year. We welcome new team members Ms Fourie as our new music teacher, Miss Smith in Year 1 and Miss Oldroyd joins the EYFS team.

Congratulations to all as we appreciate everything through this Newsletter that has been achieved for WCPS this important year in the school’s history.

I send my best wishes and hope you have a happy and safe holiday time.

We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd 2019.