Painshill Park

Minibeasts and Wild Art at Painshill Park

On Tuesday the 4th of June the Reception boys were very excited to visit the fabulous Painshill Park in Cobham.  We enjoyed two very special workshops: a Minibeast Safari and a Wild Art experience, expertly led by teachers from the Painshill Park education team. 

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the Mini beast Safari! They observed various creatures, which included woodlice, centipedes, millipedes and beetles.

The Wild Art workshop was packed with ideas for being creative in the great outdoors. A favourite activity for many of the boys was creating their own tree trolls. The boys had to squish mud and slap in onto the trunk of a tree and then add facial features by using stones, leaves and sticks.

Thank you to the parents who accompanied us on this trip and took part in all the events so enthusiastically. 

It was a very special day and one that the adults and boys will no doubt remember for many years to come.

Mrs J Webb