Sport Day 2019 – Blue is the Colour!


Bluegate managed to break 3 consecutive years of Kingsmere dominance. Sports Day 2019 was a huge success enjoyed by all; but rather than hear it from me, what did the boys have to say?

Quotes from Year 1 boys:

Andy “I liked the javelin”

Adithyan “I liked the obstacle because it was fun”

Anmol “I liked the cricket ball throw because I won a medal in that event”

Robert “I liked the relay races”

Vihaan” I liked the cricket ball throw and I won a medal in that event”

Claude “My favourite event is Javelin because I like all the practicing”

Ted “I liked the relay race because I got to run fast”

Sebastian “I liked the tug of war because we won every match”

Oscar “I liked relay because I ran really fast with baton” 

Alexander “I liked relay because I got to run with a green baton”

Aryan “tug of war, because we had to work hard to win our match”

Hugo “I liked the tug of war because bluegate won”


Quotes from Year 2 boys:

Viraaj “I liked the relay because I like running a lot”

Sebastian “I liked the long jump because I finished 2nd in my group”

Aadam “I liked sport day, my favourite part is when Bluegate won”

Lachlan “I like mini marathon because I enjoy running long distances”

Isaac “I liked the shot put because it was fun”

Henry “I loved the cricket ball throw because I like over arm throwing because I can throw very far”

Luca “I liked the mini Marathon because I like running long distance”

Max “I liked the long jump because I had 2 good jumps”

Kush “I liked working with my partner and we won silver in one of the events”

Samuel “tug of war because we won all of our matches”

Kiaan” my favourite moment was I won 2 medals one for shot put and bluegate winning overall”

Teddy “I won a medal in the mini marathon that made me very happy because I worked very hard”

Aiden “I liked the sprinting race”



1st Bluegate

2nd Queenmere

3rd Ravine

4th. Kingsmere


Laville Cup winner: Viraaj Vashinta

Viraaj “I never excepted to win and it came as a surprise”

Joint Outstanding Sportsmen of the Year:Nicholas Ellingshorst and Lachlan Milan

Lalchan “I feel very happy he won the award with my friend Nicholas”

Nicholas “I was overjoyed when I found out I won sportsman of the year. I very happy to win it with Lachlan as he one of my best friends”

Please see the links below for information on the other sporting activities the boys have participated in this term:





Excellent effort from all the participants and thank you to the parents and staff for your support.


Mr Morrison