Seaside Workshop

On Thursday we took part in a Victorian Seaside Workshop and we were introduced to someone called Sue. First she allowed us to see the activities on the tables for one minute and then told us what they were. After that I did some activities. I made a paper hook the duck, flag, shell box and a postcard. It was very fun making those things.

We learnt that it took three days for poor people to go the beach. Next, we saw a hazel brown wooden camera. I felt exhilarated. I got a mug and I drew a 3D lighthouse, I loved it. We made a train ticket and I went second class to Newquay. I had to visit the bank and collect ten D (olden money). We went on a steam train and as we went on the steam train Miss Cave led us.

In the afternoon, we were the customers! We walked calmly off the pretend train. Sue snipped our tickets and we were at the beach pier. First I visited the roll a penny game and then the shoot a marble game. It was crazy the marble shot onto the floor quickly and sometimes it did not move! Soon we were workers. I was in charge of the penny game and we made 37 shillings. After that Sue told use more stories then told us a Punch and Judy one. It was the best day ever!

Thank you very much to FOS for funding this wonderful day, the children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots about the seaside in Victorian times.

Beginning by Uthmaan, Pine Class

Middle by Avi, Maple Class

End by Zixiu, Willow Class