Thames Young Mariners

On Friday 10th May 2019, Year 1 visited Thames Young Mariners between Richmond and Kingston for a day of outdoor learning.  

The boys were split into groups of 8-10 and rotated activities throughout the day. One of the activities was shelter building in the woods using fallen tree branches and tarpaulin. It was very important that the boys worked as a team, not only to plan and make a successful shelter but to carry the branches safely.

Fire lighting was a popular activity, involving using a survival strike fire starter to create a spark and eventually light a piece of cotton wool. This required perseverance as it looked easier than it was, but each boy managed it! As a team, the boys then gathered sticks to fuel a campfire and they learnt how to place the sticks effectively.

There were a range of problem solving tasks requiring each member of the team to be fully involved. This included trying to balance a giant seesaw while the whole team were standing on it, moving planks of wood to stepping stones without standing in the ‘toxic goo’, directing each other on a huge chess board using co-ordinates and navigating an obstacle course. The boys discovered the importance of teamwork and listening to each other whilst having lots of fun along the way!

Thank you so much to Friends of Squirrels for contributing towards the cost of the day, it was a great success and some boys even described it as ‘the best day of my life!’

Miss Cave