Year 2 Leavers’ Party

As our academic year draws to an end it was time for us to bid farewell to all our wonderful Year 2 boys as they go off on the next exciting chapter in their journeys. All the boys have work tremendously hard this year and should so proud of all they have achieved.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to the Year 2 Mums who worked hard to ensure that the Leavers’ Party was one that the boys will remember. I think it is very safe to say that they will!

The boys were all so excited to enter Orchard Hall and see the fantastic decorations. It set the scene well for all the festivities that occurred. Year 2 were treated to a very tasty pizza lunch, which went down a storm. They also had goodie boxes which contained treats as well as their leavers t-shirt. The boys all wore these with great pride and loved the excitement of finding their names on the back.

Once lunch had ended, the adults were treated to a wonderful dance experience. The boys loved dancing as a spectacular Squirrels boyband. They copied the actions on screen with precision and sang their hearts out. When the boys were fully ‘boybanded’ out they were visited by Magic Marty.

Thank you again to all the Year 2 parents for their support us this year. We all really appreciate it and thanks to our partnership we are able to ensure that our Squirrel’s boys are able to go out into the world happy and prepared for the next stages of their lives. The boys have been an absolute pleasure to teach and we wish you a happy summer holiday and the best of luck at your new schools.

The Year 2 Team.