Year Two Trip to PGL

Year Two were at school super early on Friday 21st June… because they were off to PGL! The Year Two staff and pupils were off to Hindhead for a day packed full of excitement. The sun was shining, the boys were singing and Mr Morrison was singing even louder!

We arrived at the centre and were met by our leader, Kai. He told us all about the exciting activities we were going to participate in. The boys were split up into their groups and went with the instructors to either the low ropes or the challenge course first.

The low ropes was in the woods where there were lots of trees and ropes to be explored. The boys worked in groups of three to balance and make their way through the course, with their two team mates stood either side of them to catch them if they fell. Some ropes had things to hold on to whilst others required excellent balance, concentration and team support.

The challenge course was a huge assault course which included climbing frames, rope swings and huge beams to jump over or duck under. It even had a ‘mission impossible’ maze at the end which you had to sneak through like a ninja warrior without getting caught. All the boys completed the course independently and then worked as a pair to go through together whilst holding on to a hula hoop. It required bravery, team work and skill to get round the course but everyone completed it with a smile on their face!

After the morning activities everyone met up and had a picnic lunch together. Then in the afternoon we all went to the Giant Swing. The Giant Swing was very, very high. Once everyone had their harness on, the boys took it in turns to pull the rope and raise each pair to as high as they wanted to go. Once in place, the boys in the swing could pull a rope and it released the swing. Some people even went to the very top! There were some screams, smiles and funny faces that Mr Morrison managed to capture on camera!

After the swing, everyone was very tired. We boarded the coach and set off for home. Some boys even fell asleep, despite Mr Morrison and Mr Foster’s singing! It was a fantastic day. Boys improved their team building skills and their resilience. Everyone had a go at everything and had tremendous fun. Year Two are certainly a fearless bunch!


Miss Hemmings