On the 19th March when the Education Secretary announced that schools were to close due to the increasing situation with COVID-19 everyone at WCPS had to rethink the way that education would be delivered.

Due to the incredible hard work of the staff, who were also providing care to the children of key workers, and the generosity of the Friends of Squirrels, we were able after the Easter break to begin teaching remotely via SeeSaw. 

This platform had only been used by a couple members of staff previously, so teaching staff worked throughout the Easter to get the system ready.

The boys of course took to this new way of learning with true ‘Squirrels’ resilience and have worked incredibly hard, producing some outstanding work.

Please take a look at the gallery, for a selection of some of the work that has been produced whilst the boys were working remotely. This is just a small selection of the work that has astounded us.

Well done boys.