Our Reception year has flown by and as we come to the end of term we are thinking about the amazing progress that the boys have made during this year in all aspects of their learning and development.

The boys have been fascinated to learn about mini beasts and a definite highlight was finding out about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They were enthralled as we watched our caterpillars grow, make their cocoons and then overnight emerge as butterflies. It was lovely to see the excitement on the boys faces as we released them in Orchard garden.

The boys have become mini beast experts and one of their favourite activities is to hunt for mini beasts in the outdoor classroom. Their knowledge of the different species was noticeable when they wrote their “What am I” riddles and described their imaginary mini beast on Seesaw. While developing the boys writing is a core element of our curriculum, we plan carefully to develop the boys language skills, extending their vocabulary and ability to make what they are saying interesting to the listener – all really important skills for when you put pen to paper.

“Change is exciting” is a theme we have explored in the recent weeks. In their classes the boys have celebrated what they have enjoyed about reception and talked about any questions and concerns for Year 1. I am delighted to say that they are all fuelled with enthusiasm for the next stage in their learning.

Despite the limitations of how we have had to deliver the curriculum in recent months, it has been a wonderfully happy year in Reception. The delight on the boys faces as they share their learning with their friends and teachers has been a joy to watch. They have been amazingly resilient, and we are very proud of them all.

Mrs Gannon