French day was the highlight of the term (Merci to Friends of Squirrels for making this event possible) and tied in nicely with our topic: foods. Indeed, the tasting of croissants and the French drink “grenadine” greatly appealed to the boys and was a good introduction to discovering the names of various foods, including les escargots and les grenouilles! 

Reception boys practised naming fruits and vegetables. Some boys even went as far as including the colours as well and learning that the adjective in French goes after the noun, for example “la banane jaune”, instead of “la jaune banane”. C’est magnifique! 

Year 1 boys took their learning further and practised building short sentences using simple grammatical structures to describe their “macarons”. We could hear: “Le macaron est vert et blanc.” Ask your boys to teach you, even could try the delicious macarons at home? 

Year 2 boys are now able to build more complex sentences in French. We practised using connectives and expressing an opinion about food. Examples of the boys' lovely French voices: “I like potatoes but I dislike carrots - j’aime les pommes de terre mais je n’aime pas les carottes”. It was also a good opportunity to be reminded of the masculine and feminine gender of the nouns “le” and “la” as well as the plural “les”. Great learning that will hopefully prepare them well for their future language learning in Y3 and beyond. “Bonne chance!” 

 Lastly, the boys looked spectacular in their beautiful French outfits.  Well done to all the boys who produced some amazing posters about France. They were greatly admired! A big “Merci” to Mr Morrison and Mr Foster for running a “boules” tournament! We found that we have talented players! Why not try the game at home this summer? Merci to FoS who made this event possible. My heart sang all day! 

Bonnes vacances! 


Madame Wilson.