Music Matters

It has been another busy term as the boys continued to enjoy their Music lessons. What a joy to hear lots of singing in and around the school again after such an unusual time without it.

Reception boys continued to develop their percussion skills which this term also included an introduction to tuned percussion instruments. The boys also enjoyed learning songs about minibeasts in recent weeks. Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed learning new songs and have also been learning more about instruments of the orchestra with a special focus on the woodwind and brass families of the orchestra.

The boys in Year 1 continued their ‘rhythm conversations’ which involved various call and response patterns to help the boys develop their understanding of basic composition of music.

This term boys in year 2 have been having great fun practising and recording their songs for their end of term celebration assembly. It was such an encouragement to see how much the boys have grown in their confidence since the start of the year.

I have also had the privilege of being one of the guest judges at our very own Squirrels has Talent show. The boys loved performing and showcasing their talents and they should all be tremendously proud of their efforts.

Long may the Music (the singing and the dancing!) continue as we look forward to a restful summer break.

Have a lovely Summer.

Miss Fourie