The summer term is a busy one for sport at WCPS.

Here is an overview of events that have taken place:

EYFS Euro Football tournament

What a morning we had at WCPS with EYFS playing in there first Euro Football tournament

We had 10 teams over two groups which include England, Germany world champions France and current Euro champions Portugal. With the pitches set up and the flags of the country hung out

The excitement was the air, and the boys were waiting to find out which team they be representing.

After a run though of the rules we were ready to start. There was some amazing football on show and lots of goals scored in both groups. The overall standing finished like this

    Group A   

 1st France (17)                       

 2nd Spain (11)

3rd Portugal (10)

 4th Germany (8)

 5th England (6)

Group B

Russia (13)

Wales (11

Italy (9)

Croatia (7)

Belgium (6)

The matches were played and great spirit and great sportsmanship was show throughout.

Boule Tournament French day

This year as part of French Day the boys took part in Boule’s tournaments in their classes.  

The finalists from each class were as follows:

Ash - Charlie, Ved, Adam, Idris, Alexander. Overall winner was Alexander.

Elm - Evan, Charlie, Ethan, Aiden, Barnaby. Overall winners was Evan.

Oak - James, Kasper, Tristan, Oliver. Overall winner Was Oliver.

Maple - Alexandre, Roman, Luke, Aman. Overall winner was Alexandre.

Pine - Noah, Samuel, William, Thomas, Arjun. Overall winner was Noah.

Hawthorn - Misha, Michael. Overall winner was Misha.

Birch - Oliver, Leo, Pedro. Overall winner was Oliver.

Chestnut - Freddy, James, Jack, Thomas. Overall winner was Freddie.

A gripping and high-quality Year 2 final was played out between Freddie and Misha, with Freddie eventually winning with the final boule toss of the match.

The competition was play with good sportsmanship throughout well done to all the boys who participated.

Year 2 Inaugural Swimming Gala Makes a Splash!

Queensmere House won our first ever Swimming Gala held at Wimbledon Common Prep School which was held at the new KCS swimming pool.  

Every boy completed in 3 events: front crawl, backstroke, and the house relay. Medals were awarded to boys who reached the final in each of the individual events.

The results are as follows:

Queensmere 1st (79 (points)

Bluegate 2nd (76 points)

Kingsmere 3rd (73 points)

Ravine 4th (68 points)

All of the boys had a great time and Nathan in Chestnut said, “I liked the swimming Gala because it was competitive and fun”. Well done to all the boys for their hard work in the pool this term and thank you to the swimming teachers who have helped the boys make fantastic progress with their swimming confidence and technique. 

EYFS Sports Day

The boys had a wonderful morning of sport taking part in 7 different events around the school. My favourites are always the more traditional ones like sack race and tug of war ( despite being dragged across the ground after challenging a group of EYFS boys this year). 

The vast majority of the boys displayed excellent sportsmanship, winning and losing with both grace and dignity. They all tried their very best and had lots of fun. Once the medal presentation was concluded they were reminded that if they hadn’t won a sports day medal it is only that they haven’t won a Sports Day medal "yet"! Roll on next year when parents will be able to support from the side lines.