Year 2- Summer Term

From a very busy Autumn Term, starting Spring term by completing online learning, where all of the boys showed such resilience and enthusiasm to learn, to being back in the school building where the boys showed determination and maturity in all aspects of school life; it has been a unique school year! I am sure the boys will agree this year has been an interesting one! However, it has been filled with exciting journeys, interesting assemblies and sporting achievements- of which have never ceased to impress us. As we think back over this school year, we cannot help but smile. We think about how much the boys have all grown into kind, caring, thoughtful and hardworking learners. Every member of Year 2 should be so proud of themselves, and I know that the Year 2 team beam with pride when we think of all of their individual achievements.

Our final term at WCPS has been a wonderful one! The boys have shown true WCPS spirit and made sure that their work reflected their best efforts. Some particular highlights of this term have been designing and making safari animal puppets, where the boys showed fantastic fine motor skills and sewing technique to create their own hand puppet. Kingsway football Euro’s game, where the boys showed fantastic sportsmanship and team spirit when participating in the games. Likewise, the boys participated in Sports day where they demonstrated leadership and responsibility which highlighted their resilience and achievement within sports.

The boys have enjoyed International Week, which saw everybody valuing, respecting and engaging in a variety of different cultures; sharing their own identity and knowledge with their class. The boys enjoyed experiencing a variety of international crafts and foods from different countries. They have thoroughly enjoyed contributing to, ‘Squirrels got talent’, where all of the submitted videos were of such high calibre; highlighting the diversity of fantastic skills and talents that our Squirrels have. It was a pleasure to see the finalists perform and everybody provided support and enthusiasm in seeing their friends on stage.

The weeks have been filled with collaborative, active, enquiry-based learning ensuring that the boys were able to experience as much social interaction as possible. The boys have enjoyed coding as part of the Computing curriculum, going on safari and seeing explorers in Topic, discovering electricity and animals and humans in Science and further investigating English and Mathematic skills amongst other things.

As always, our weeks have been jampacked with fun activities, the time has flown by! We look forward to celebrating the Year 2 Graduation which will be a brimming with celebration and excitement as the boys get ready to move on.

All of the boys have been fantastic. They have been one united team and it has been so special to see the bond they have all developed. It has been a joy watching them develop across the curriculum and making the most of every learning opportunity. We will miss their smiling faces and stories they have shared with us. It has been a delight teaching all of them and we know they will all be successful in all their future endeavours. They will use the skills they have learnt here to build bright futures for themselves.

Remember to have fun and learn as much as you can!

We wish them the very best of luck for Year 3.

The Year 2 Team