Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment, at WCPS, exists to help all children to become inquisitive and confident learners who achieve their learning potential, both in and out of the classroom.

Learning Enrichment provides learning support as an integral part of both the academic and pastoral systems within the school. It aims to identify and remove any barriers to learning at the earliest opportunity, with a non-judgemental approach. Children are encouraged to understand their own learning profile and they are helped to practise strategies, which draw on their stronger skills, in order to strengthen their weaker skills. Such strategies also aim to develop, motivation, confidence and a sense of responsibility

In addition, Learning Enrichment helps staff and parents to develop a greater awareness, as well as understanding of, potential barriers to learning, specific learning difficulties and disabilities. It supports all staff and parents to provide, where appropriate, differentiated learning strategies to help maximise the learning potential of all children.